• Assignments

    At the end of the first week of the course, you will have to choose whether you will focus for the rest of the course on urban WSP or on WSP for small systems. After making that choice you will have to develop the assignments only for the system typology you selected.

    We advise you to implement the assignment for a water supply system that you know very well and that you have sufficient information of. This refers to all the documentation needed to develop the risk assessment, as well as known vulnerabilities of the system.


    The output is a draft Water Safety Plan for a system of choice. It will be a Word or Pdf document containing all the assignments of the individual tasks or modules.

    This document will be the basis for the PowerPoint presentation that you will use to present your work to your fellow participants at the very end of the course.


    The evaluation is based on the content of the document containing all the assignments and on the final presentation.

    The course is evaluated on a pass/fail basis.