• 2. Impacts of climate change

    ( Approximately 1 hour 42 minutes of on-screen time = 5 hours 6 minutes of student workload hours)

    Scorching summers... Melting glaciers... Stronger storms...

    The signs of global climate change are all around us. The Earth's climate is getting warmer, and the signs are everywhere. Rain patterns are changing, sea level is rising, and snow and ice are melting sooner in the spring. As global temperatures continue to rise, we'll see more changes in our climate and our environment. These changes will affect people, animals, and ecosystems in many ways. Less rain can mean less water for some places, while too much rain can cause terrible flooding. More hot days can dry up crops and make people and animals sick. In some places, people will struggle to cope with a changing environment. In other places, people may be able to successfully prepare for these changes. The negative impacts of global climate change will be less severe overall if people reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we're putting into the atmosphere and worse if we continue producing these gases at current or faster rates.

    Is climate change the consequence of choices we make? Can it lead to law and issues triggering wars? In order to  understand the impacts of climate change on the lives of people and the planet let us watch the  movie  “Years of living dangerously ( 60 minutes movie)” made by the Years project, before we start reading in depth about the impacts of climate change.