• 6.  Individual and collective actions for change

    (Approximately  60 minutes of on-screen time = 3 hours of  student workload hours)

    We are now at the end of the course on understanding climate change and climate action. We hope that by now you have an overall basic understanding of climate change and climate actions. You should be able to answer questions like what is climate change?  why does it occur? What is climate impact, adaptation, mitigation, climate justice ,climate finance and climate governance?  More importantly you should be able to tell the between climate change and climate variability; adaptation and mitigation. 

    One questions still remains, now that I understand and am aware of climate change 

    • What can I do to mitigate climate change and adapt to changing climate?
    • What are the initiatives taken by cities and governments to resolve this problem?
    • We learned that the private sector plays a key in reducing emissions and also has a major role investment role in climate actions.  How can I persuade or force the private sector, esp. the capital markets to invest in green technologies and investments?