Activity 5.2 - Choosing statistics to tell a story

1 - Introduction

Remember from previous modules the aim is not just to simplify, but to tell a story that will make your audience sit up. Your message can be made more engaging by employing methods such as the inverted pyramid; having focussed areas of messaging; and injecting news values. Statistics will help reinforce this and it is worth taking the time to choose which ones will help strengthen your message.

You also need to choose what you share with care. Different governments might not agree on official figures for the same thing; this can be a sensitive issue in water diplomacy. Some governments might not even want their researchers to share their data with journalists.

When you approach this exercise be mindful of this, and check with colleagues or supervisors whether any of the data you might share is politically sensitive. Check this podcast out to explore this issue and more surrounding Nile Basin communication; podcast number 3 and 5 especially.