Activity 6.2 - Writing about your own research

1 - Write about your own research

Now that you are aware of what to look out for in a press release, it is time to write about your own research. We’ve included a writing frame to help you organise the information in the right place. You can download the template here as a word file. 

Short, clear headline tells media what the story is about

Paragraph 1: sums up the entire story in one or two sentences

Paragraph 2: puts story in context – why it’s important. Elaborate a little on why it’s newsworthy

Paragraph 3: presents details – who’s involved, how it came about. Methodology usually goes here

Paragraph 4: Relevant quote to add information, credibility and/or opinion. For example a quote from someone else

Paragraph 5: shows where people can find more details. E.g. contact details, links, and so on.