Activity 7.1 - Get feedback

1 - Feedback on your speaking habits

As a starting point, it is a good idea to get feedback on your speaking habits.  

  1. Prepare a three-minute talk that aims to sum up what you do in your research.
    • Choose whatever structure you’d like to do it in, and don’t worry too much about content at this stage. You can refer back to your inverted pyramid from a previous module.
    • Do not use any props or slides.
    • Find someone (or several people if possible) who you would feel comfortable presenting to who will give you feedback. Ask them to feedback on the following:



Voice volume

How audible are you?

Physical ‘ticks’

Are you doing anything distracting? E.g. moving hands a lot, pointing, or rotating body too much.  

Verbal ‘ticks’

Are you using certain ‘fillers’ repeatedly? E.g. ‘...and like’, ‘Look, I mean’, ‘Uhmmm’

Eye contact

Where are your eyes going? Are you making eye contact? With just one person or the whole room?

Tone of voice

Are you changing the pitch of your voice depending on the content?

Waving/reading off notes

If you are holding notes, what are you doing with them?  What are you doing with your hands?

Body posture/legs

How are you standing? Where are your arms?  What are you doing with your legs?


Are you taking natural pauses to breathe?

Speed of talking

Is it easy to follow the speed at which you are talking?

Passion, purpose, positivity        

What is your general demeanour like when talking?

Download this table as a pdf