WaPOR-based irrigation performance indicators

In this video, you will be introduced to WaPOR-based irrigation performance indicators by Dr. Poolad Karimi, Associate Professor of Water and Agriculture at IHE Delft. Irrigation performance indicators are an important tool used to conduct performance assessments on an agricultural area across time and space, which can help improve the operations and management of an area, track progress against strategic goals, better understand the overall health of a system, and help diagnose potential constraints.

This presentation was given as part of a series of masterclasses on water productivity, provided by the Water Productivity in Practice (WaterPIP) project. If you would like to watch more of this masterclass series, the full playlist can be found on the WaterPIP website and on the WaterPIP YouTube channel.

The PDF of Dr. Karimi's presentation can be downloaded here.

Last modified: Sunday, 4 July 2021, 6:07 PM