The objective of this unit on Life Cycle Analysis or Assessment (LCA) - Applications and Case-studies, is to acquaint you with the application of LCA as a practical tool.For that reason a broad range of literature information is provided on the application of LCA to assess/evaluate specific problems. These include the following case-studies: 
1 - Case-study on refined palm oil production from United Plantations, Malaysia, 
2 - LCA of specific chemicals,
3 - LCA of specific food products (industrial, dairy and meat, and agricultural),
4 - LCA for different renewable energy sources (wind, solar, geo-thermal, solar thermal, and biogas),
5 - LCA for the evaluation of wastewater treatment plant (secondary and tertiary treatment processses), and
6 - LCA for evaluating solid waste management systems in different countries (Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, China, Thailand, etc, among others).

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