The objective of this unit on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is to familiarize the students with the key topics involved with EMS from both policy and application view-point. As some of you might have already known about the term EMS and ISO 14001, an EMS provides long-term guidance to gradually improve environmental management and, hence, to reduce environmental impacts of processes, products or services. The Unit on EMS-Introduction is divided as follows: (i) EMS - Basic Concepts, (ii) EMS - Initial Environmental Review, (iii) EMS - Environmental Policy, and (iv) EMS - ISO 14001. After you have read the study materials provided, you are able to:
1. Identify the key elements of EMS and their relationship to each other,
2. Manage the environmental aspects of an organization's operation,
3. Develop a proper framework that helps an organization achieve its environmental goal through consistent control of its operation, 
4. Analyze legal requirements and determine their applicability to the organization,
5. Identify whether corrective actions are required to achieve complance, and
6. Identify the EMS requirements and understand the basic concepts of ISO-14001.

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