By now you will have good understanding on how institutions, technology and society can interact and why it is relevant to acknowkedge and understand these interactions. To finalise, have a look at this video lecture by Annelieke Duker (about 7 minutes) explaining three ways of how technology is social and try to answer the corresponding questions. 



1. Technology is designed by people

Question: Think about the discipline of your previous education (BSc or Msc). How could that affect how you would approach the design of an irrigation system?

2. Technology has specific social requirements for use

Questions: Look around you, where ever your are sitting right now (office, lecture room, coffee bar on in a hammock on your balcony). Find a piece of technology and describe what social requirement it has for its use? 

Could there be an alternative use of that object? Would the social requirement be different?

3. Technology has social effects

Question: Think about an irrigation system in your country: what effects have recent technological changes had on its users?

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