1. Introduction

In this tutorial we will develop a script which will be then used to develop a web application with following features:

  • Default background of very high resolution satellite data
  • Elevation map in the layer list, show the legend of elevation map
  • Confine the web app region to a study area (in this case ulb)
  • Create a UX panel on the left side to display charts and text
  • On click - display charts showing monthly variation of precipitation and ET of that pixel
  • On click - display the elevation value of that pixel
  • Able to import the chart values to csv

The interface of the web application upon a user click should look like below:

Major building blocks of a web app:

There are three major building blocks for a web application from GEE

  1. Design - the features and design features we need in our final application
  2. Scripting - Script using the GEE java script code editor to develop script meeting your requirements
  3. Deploying - Use the GEE 'Apps' section to deploy your script as an app in Google cloud. A public url based on your user account will be provided which is accessible in public.