• Agenda


    All live sessions are scheduled from 15:00 P.M to 16:00 P.M Eastern Africa Time.
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     Date – Period

     (East African time)



     31/05 – Monday

     15:00 – 16:15


     Kick off


     Water Productivity: from concept to WaPOR database

     Live session




      ●       Meet the participants

      ●       Introduction to the course

      ●       Concept and application of Water productivity

      ●       Introduction to FAO WaPOR programme

     Self pace

     How to use FAO WaPOR portal (videos) + Quiz


     Exercise 1a: Point time series in WaPOR portal

     Exercise 1b: WP in WaPOR portal (Make a map in QGIS).

     Deadline 14:00 02/06


     02/06 – Wednesday

     15:00 – 16:00


     Introduction to Python and Google Colaboratory



     Live session




      ●       Recap of Day 1

      ●       Introduction to Python

      ●       Introduction to Jupyter notebook/Colab

      ●       WAPORWP and case study introduction

      ●       Demonstration of Colab - WAPORWP

     Self pace

     Basic Python notebooks

     WAPORWP Module 0: bulk-download WaPOR data


     Exercise 2: Participants (individual or in group) identify a case   study to implement WAPORWP modules

     Deadline 14:00 03/06


     03/06 – Thursday

     15:00 – 16:00


     Crop water consumption and seasonal net primary analysis using   WaPOR data

     Live session




      ●       Recap of Day 2

      ●       Demonstration: Pre-processing WaPOR data (Module 1)

      ●       Demonstration: actual and potential crop water   consumption analysis, and seasonal net primary production   analysis (Module 2)

     Self pace

     Run Module 1 and 2 of WAPORWP for the default case


     Exercise 3: Report the Spatio-temporal seasonal green and blue   crop water consumption and crop water requirement for the   identified case study

     Deadline 14:00 04/06


     04/06 – Friday

     15:00 – 16:00


     WaPOR-based land and water productivity analysis

     Live session


      ●       Recap of Day 3

      ●       Description of ET based irrigation performance assessment

      ●       Demonstration of land and water productivity analysis

     Self pace

     Run Module 3 and 4 of WAPRWP for the default case


     Exercise 4: Report the results and interpretation of land and   water productivity analysis using Module 4 of WAPORWP for the   identified case study

     Deadline 14:00 08/06

    Notes: No live session on Tuesday 01/06