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Topic outline

  • Introduction

    The training aims at developing skills in processing spatio-temporal datasets obtained by running PySEBAL to produce gap-free monthly maps.

    Learning Objectives

    By the end of training the participants will be able to: 

    • Explain theoretical framework and basic concepts of PySEBAL
    • Run the PySEBAL model
    • Analyse spatio-temporal data using scripting in command line
    • Perform spatio-temporal gafilling procedure on PySEBAL outputs

    Topics covered

    • Introduction to remote sensing and PySEBAL
    • Introduction to raster based spatio-temporal analysis
    • Command line scripting to process spatio-temporal data
    • Python based scripting to gap fill spatio-temporal data using Local Weighted Regression

    Software required

    QGIS 3.16, GRASS GIS 7.8, Python, Bash

    Follow this link to install all the required software packages.