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    Chapter Title Study load hours
    1 History and Philosophy 2
    2 Basic Principles part one 2
    3 Basic Principles part two 2
    4 Types of Constructed Wetlands 2
    5 Design part one 2
    6 Design part two 2
    7 Operation and Maintenance 2
    8 Economics and reuse 2
    9 Constructed Wetlands for various types of Wastewater 2
    10 Constructed Wetland Vught "Ins and Outs" 2
    • Information about the full course

      The full course on constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment can be followed in two different ways:

      1. as online course, from September till December every year. More information here.

      2. As a three weeks short course at IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, The Netherlands. More information here.

      The topics of the full course are:

      Module 1 - Introduction to Constructed Wetlands 
      Module 2 - Basic principles    
      Module 3 - Design of constructed wetlands   
      Module 4 - Operation and maintenance
      Module 5 - Case studies
      Module 6 - Assignment

      This present course material is provided as OpenCourseWare without support and interaction with lecturers.
      The full course is longer and more advanced and also contains assignments and exercises. At the end of the course it is possible to sit for an exam and to get 5 ECTS credit points. The three weeks course in Delft also has field visits.

      Target group: wastewater treatment professionals
      The course is designed for professionals actively involved in wastewater treatment. They may be working in organisations responsible for waste water treatment. The target group is also those who have an interest in onsite wastewater treatment for small communities.

      Learning objectives

      Upon completion of this course or module you are able to:

      •    assess the value of wetlands and explain the use of natural and constructed wetlands for the         treatment of wastewater;
      •    describe the concept of wastewater treatment by wetlands;
      •    design and operate a wetland treatment system.

      More information can be obtained from Dr. Hans van Bruggen

      • Information about the concept

        On the concept of wastewater treatment by using natural treatment systems we have prepared a video.

        You can find this video on you tube.