Exercise 3: Compute irrigation performance indicators over sugarcane in Xinavane for year 2019/2020 - ETHKEN

In this exercise, you will compute Irrigation performance indicators (Equity, Beneficial Fraction, Adequacy and Relative Water Deficit (RWD)) from seasonal AETI and NPP for the year 2019/2020 following the tutorial provided in this module

Your tasks:

  • Develop a map layout showing the RWD and Benefecial Fraction maps cropped to Xinavane sugarcane farms
  • Compute Equity and Adequacy for different irrigation types as per the vector layer provided to you 
  • Compare the results with those obtained in 2018/19

Submit: A report with the maps of the performance indicators and statistics in a word document and submit in below assignment submission. Reflect the results in comparison with 2018/19 results.