Activity 8.2 - Choosing audiences

Course: 2018 Science Communication Skills for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy
Book: Activity 8.2 - Choosing audiences
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Date: Saturday, 25 September 2021, 11:55 AM

1 - Introduction

In order to accomplish the objective you defined in activity 1, you need to determine the audience that will help you achieve it. This might not be as obvious as you think. For example, targeting the media may lead to more people finding out about your work but not lead to the desired change or impact.

2 - Target audiences

Write your objective down and below it list the key audiences that are likely to make that happen.

3 - Why that audience?

Explain how that target audience can help achieve your desired objective 

e.g. Influencing editors at media outlets can shift editorial priorities at a media outlet. They have more influence than freelance journalists, for example.