Activity 8.7 - Evaluate your efforts

Course: 2018 Science Communication Skills for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy
Book: Activity 8.7 - Evaluate your efforts
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Date: Saturday, 27 November 2021, 7:20 AM


Evaluation criteria

It is useful to establish success criteria for your strategy. Are you reaching the right people? Is anything positive happening as a result? This will depend on your objectives and the way you’ve decided to implement your communications.

Your own criteria

Write down your communications objective, and list ways you can measure success.

For example:

 I want to increase collaborations with researchers in X country over the next year.

Indicators of success:

  • New conversations with other researchers from the country in question
  • Expressions of interest in working together
  • Invitation to attend an event
  • My message is being shared/retweeted in appropriate channels

Make sure that you evaluate your efforts regularly and adapt your plan if it is not moving you closer to achieving your objective.