How to use WaPOR portal

3. Using analysis tools on WaPOR portal

In this video, you will learn how to use the WaPOR portal analysis tool. This tool can be used to:

  • extract time-series data of a point 
  • extract time-series data of an area
  • calculate crop water productivity rasters of an area from total biomass water productivity.

Note: When you are saving points or areas into MyWaPOR, they are only saved for that level. For example, points and areas saved in Level 1 (Continental 250m) can only be used for analyses in Level 1 and are not available for use in Levels 2 (National 100m) or Level 3 (Sub-national 30m). This is due to the different geospatial reference systems used for each level.

Common Errors: When using WaPOR 'Area Time Series', if you have the same error as below, try to save the area to MyWaPOR without space in the name. For example, 'myplot' instead of 'my plot'.