Tutorial WAPORWP Python notebooks on Google Colaboratory

2. Set up WAPORWP on Google Colaboratory

Step 1: Download the WAPORWP zipfile from the course

Download WAPORWP for Colab zipfile

Step 2: Unzip the compressed WAPORWP folder 

If you don't have any program to unzip, you can download and install WinRAR for free.

unzip WAPORWP folder
Step 3: Log in Google Drive

Log in to https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive with your Google account.

Step 4: Upload WAPORWP to Google Drive main folder 'My Drive'

Select the WAPORWP folder. Then, drag and drop it to Google Drive window to upload the whole unzipped folder. This step might take some time if the internet connection is poor.

Upload WAPORWP folder to Google Drive

Step 5: Connect Google Colaboratory app

Open the folder WAPORWP>Notebooks. In the folder Notebooks, select "Module_0_WaPOR_data_bulk_download.ipynb" and double-click to open. Select "Open with" and click "Connect more apps"

Open Module 0

Click on the search button (magnifying glass) and search for "colaboratory". Click on Colaboratory app and click Install. Click Continue and select your Google account to install the app.

Connect with colaboratory

After connecting the app with Drive, you can open jupyter notebook (.ipynb) file with Google Colaboratory

open with google colaboratory