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Completion requirements

5. Style rivers

Let's style the river

1. Select the waterway_river layer from the Layers panel and click  to open the Layer Styling panel. 

2. Select Simple line. Click the Color bar to open the Select line color panel.

3. Change the Color to an RGB value of 31|120|180.

4. Click the Go back  button to return to the main symbology panel.

5. Increase the Stroke width to 0.86 mm.

6. To label the rivers switch to the Labels tab  in the Layer Styling panel.

7. Label Rivers with just the Name field: choose Single labels and for value choose name.

8. Switch to the Label placement  tab and choose a Placement style of Curved.

To make them more readable against the topo map you will apply a buffer.

9. Switch to the Label buffer tab  and check Draw text buffer option.

You will set the color to the background of the OpenStreetMap.

10. Click the drop down arrow for the Color setting and choose Pick color. With the eye dropper cursor click on a place to select that gray OpenStreetMap background color.

11. Finally return to the Text  and set the label Color to an RGB value of 31|38|180, the Font to Calibri, the Size to 11 and the Style to italic.

Styles are stored in the project. If we want to share the styles, we can also store them in a separate file.

12. Click right on waterway_river in the Layers panel.

13. Choose Properties... from the menu.

14. In the Layer Properties dialogue go to the Symbology tab:

15. At the bottom, click the Style button and choose Save Style...

16. Save the layer in the SLD format, which is an open standard for sharing styles. Use the browse button to save it in the same folder as the shapefile and click OK.

17. Close the Layer Properties dialogue.