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Completion requirements

6. Add more data from OpenStreetMap

Now we can add more features from OpenStreetMap in a similar way.

Here we'll add mines, but feel free to add other relevant features for your study area.

1. Let’s add the mines in a similar way as we have added the rivers. Use key=landuse and value=quarry. Don’t forget to select Multipolygons instead of Lines.

2. Style the polygons with a gray fill and black stroke using an italic font.

3. Label the polygons with the Name attribute. Switch to the label Formatting tab  and enter a space as the Wrap on character. Then set the Alignment to Center. Switch to the label Rendering tab and click Only draw labels which fit completely within feature.

4. Now add a few other interesting features (points, lines, and polygons):

  • Dams: Key=waterwayvalue=dam
  • Lakes: Key=natural,value=water
  • Springs: Key=naturalvalue=spring
5. Make the layers permanent so they are stored as shapefiles on your hard disk.