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Completion requirements

7. Style lakes, dams and springs

Now style the layers. Begin with the lakes. 

You will use a shapeburst fill which will allow you to color the lakes from light blue to dark blue.

1. Set the target layer in the Layer Styling Panel to natural_water.

2. Select the Simple fill styling component. Change the Symbol layer type to Shapeburst fill. Keep the default Gradient colors setting of Two color. Set the first color to an RGB value of 185|239|255. Set the second color to an RGB value of 31|133|180.

3. Set the Shading style to Set distance with a value of 6. Increase the Blur strength to 12.

Finally you will add a simple line to represent the coastline of each lake.

4. Click the Add symbol layer  button. Change the new Simple fill renderer to a Symbol layer type of Outline simple line with Color of 31|133|180.

5. Label the lakes with the the name. Set the label Color and RGB value of 225|255|255 (light blue), the Font to Calibri, the Size to 10 and the Style to bold italic.

6. Switch to the Label placement tab and change the Placement to Horizontal (slow). Then switch to the label Formatting tab and enter a space as the Wrap on character. Set the Alignment to Center.

7. Switch to the label Rendering tab and click Only draw labels which fit completely within feature.

Next you will work with the dam lines (waterway_dam). 

8. Give them a Color of black and a Stroke width of 0.86 mm.

9. Click the Add symbol layer button. Select the Simple line component and choose a Symbol layer type of Marker line. Select the Simple marker component and choose the vertical line symbol from the choices displayed below. Increase the Stroke width to 0.2 mm and the Size to 3 mm. Your dams symbol preview should now look like this .

10. Finally you will style the spring points. Make the layer the target layer in the Layer Styling Panel. Select the Simple fill component. Choose a Symbol layer type of SVG Marker. Select the symbol folder and find the blue-marker.svg  . Increase the Size (Width and Height) to 6 mm each.

11. Save the styles in an SLD file as you've learned before.