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4. Make layer permanent

In the previous chapter you've learned that the downloaded layer is a temporary scratch layer.

We can make the layer permanent in the following way:

1. Click the chip icon  next to the waterway_river layer.

2. In the Save Scratch Layer dialogue choose from the dropdown menu ESRI Shapefile as output format. Use the  button to browse to the folder where you want to store the layer and give it a name. Click OK to save the layer.

Now your layer is stored.

Alternatively you could have exported the file. Then you can control the output projection. You can do this by clicking right and choose Export | Save Features As...

It's important to regularly save your project to avoid data loss when your computer crashes.

3. In the main menu choose Project | Save As...

4. Save the project to the same folder as your file. You can give it any name with the QGZ file extension.

Once in a while click  to save the project.