Activity 5.1 - Translate the evidence for the audience

2 - Alternatives to statistics and numbers

Activity instructions

  1. Suggest an alternative way of communicating the following statistics and numbers (they are from real water science research). Make sure that the analogy you choose is relevant to your target audience.
  2. Write these in your notes as they might be useful later. 

Statistical concept or figure

The Nile River Basin is inhabited by 257 million people

The Nile is 6695 km long

The Nile drains over 3,176,541 km2

After 2006, it increased significantly by 200%

It captured the observed flow well with a Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency (NSE) of greater than 0.74 and with a PBIAS of less than 10%...

The mean error was 0.02km3/year

Bias value of the final model result was 0.99, which is near the ideal value of Bias (1.00)

If you had to research what some of these, then imagine how hard it is for non-specialists to begin to understand technical methods used in any water science field.