Activity 5.1 - Translate the evidence for the audience

3 - Suggested alternatives

Statistical concept or figure


The Nile River Basin is inhabited by 257 million people

That’s roughly two and a half times the population of Ethiopia alone.

If having the exact figure is essential, then keep it but compare it to something relatable. 

The Nile is 6695 km long

That’s like travelling from Cairo to Khartoum three times.

The Nile drains over 3,176,541 km2

Roughly three times the area of Egypt.

Choose something contextually relevant, for example Egypt might not be the example you want to use.

After 2006, it increased significantly by 200%

It doubled.

It captured the observed flow well with a Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency (NSE) of greater than 0.74 and with a PBIAS of less than 10%...

The model proved to be a good predictor of flow.

Explain the context for the audience. E.g. this is the best prediction made so far and means...

The mean error was 0.02km3/year

The measurements made had very little uncertainty about them… .about 5 car lengths off which for this type of research is very good.

A reader might think 5 car lengths off is a lot, so make sure you explain that for the field in question, given the huge numbers, it’s very accurate.

Bias value of the final model result was 0.99, which is near the ideal value of Bias (1.00)

Anything between 0.6 and 0.8 usually indicates a good model, but 0.99 indicates that this is an excellent model.

Explaining why it’s good is also an effective strategy