Activity 5.2 - Choosing statistics to tell a story

2 - The story behind the statistics

  1. Here are a series of statistics taken from an article about water resources and rationing in Egypt. They have been taken out of context. 

  2. In your own notes, write down two ideas for stories they could tell.

  • 55.5 billion cubic meters of drinking water come from the Nile
  • Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdel Atti decided to reduce the rice agriculture area in Egypt from 1,700,000 feddans to 724,200 feddans
  • The groundwater in the Nile Valley and Delta is about 6.5 billion cubic meters, rain water on North coast is 1.3 billion cubic meters. 
  • Egypt annually needs at least 90 billion cubic meters of water to cover 90 million citizens’ needs
  • Egypt currently has only 60 billion cubic meters of water
  • The amount of clean water produced throughout the country in 2016 was 9,297 million cubic meters. The highest rate during the last eight years was in 2012/2013 when it reached 9,727 million cubic meters. 
  • The Ministry of Agriculture has identified 53 varieties of strategic water-saving crops 
  • The percentage of loss in pure water produced by purification stations is 31 percent.


Idea 1: Egypt reducing food production in order to save water; how can it have both?

Idea 2: Egypt developing new plant varieties to save water