Activity 2.1 - What is a journalist’s world like?

2 - Activity instructions

  1. In your own notes, write down five key things the writer mentions about their working life. E.g. “They look at press releases to source stories”.
  2. In your own notes, look at the statements below. For each aspect of a journalist’s work, explain what that might mean for you. e.g. They look at press releases → develop my press release writing skills.
  3. Choose one to share with others and save this for discussion later. 


  • Work to tight deadlines
  • Have very strict word limits
  • Usually write for non-specialists
  • Are often non-specialists too
  • Adapt their writing based on the media outlet they work for
  • Usually - especially in news writing - write about very specific things
  • Write about the ‘newsworthy’ 
  • Often interview sources, but not always