Activity 2.1 - What is a journalist’s world like?

3 - Suggested answers



What it means for you 

Work to tight deadlines

Respond as quickly as possible to  communication

Have very strict word limits

Be concise

Usually write for non-specialists

Don’t assume they know what you are talking about (but don’t patronise)

Are often non-specialists too

Predict misunderstandings that might arise and use simple language

Adapt their writing based on the media outlet they work for

Pick out the areas of your research that are of greatest interest to  their outlet

Usually - especially in news writing - write about very specific things

Know the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of your work. You will look at this more closely later on in the course.

Write about the ‘newsworthy’

Think like a journalist when talking to one. You’ll get a chance to practise this later on in the course.

Often interview sources, but not always

Practise being interviewed.