Introduction to the Command Line

Prior to learning GDAL or scripting it is important to learn the Command Line and how to use commands from the command prompt.

3. Drives and Directories

3.2. Creating Directories

1. Type dir and press <ENTER> again at the command prompt to get the directory listing.

Look at the list on your screen. All the names that have <DIR> beside them are directories.  The others are files. The size of the files is also displayed. You can see a list of the files in another directory by changing to that directory, and then using the dir command again.

2. Type the following commands:
md John <ENTER>
md Peter <ENTER>
These commands create subdirectories called John and Peter. Check if the directory has been created by listing the directories:

3. Type dir <ENTER>

You can see that the two subdirectories have been created on the C-Drive.

4. Type dir /AD <ENTER>
This will list only the directories and not the files: