Introduction to the Command Line

Prior to learning GDAL or scripting it is important to learn the Command Line and how to use commands from the command prompt.

1. Introduction

Learning objectives

During these exercises you will get familiar with the basics of the Command Line.
After these exercises you will be able to:
  • Use the DOS prompt and the most common commands

  • Navigate to files and directories and use their relative and absolute paths

  • Make batch files


During the excersises we are going to use the command prompt.
The preferred way to learn the command is to use this online DOS emulator, so nothing can go wrong on your own system. The exercises are based on this online DOS emulator,
When you get more familiar with DOS you can use the regular command prompt or the OSGeo4W Shell.
The OSGeo4W Shell comes with QGIS and has everything set for GDAL which we'll use in another module.