Tutorial: Create a Longitudinal River Profile

2. Download river line vectors from OpenStreetMap

In this section we're going to download all river line vectors in the study area from OpenStreetMap.

1. Start QGIS

2. In the main menu go to Project | Open From | GeoPackage...

3. In the Load project from GeoPackage dialogue browse to data_longitudinal_profile.gpkg and open the Longitudinal_profile project. Click OK.

Now you'll have a styled Rur DEM with hillshade and a catchment boundary.

The next step is to install the QuickOSM plugin.

4. In the main menu go to Plugins | Manage and Install Plugins...

5. Search for QuickOSM and click Install Plugin and Close the dialogue.

Now we're going to download river data from OpenStreetMap.

6. In the main menu go to Vector | QuickOSM | QuickOSM...

7. In the QuickOSM dialogue choose for Key waterway and for Value river. For Layer Extent choose Rur_catchment_boundary. Expand Advanced and make sure that only line features are selected. The dialogue should look like the picture below.

quickosm dialogue

8. Click Run query. Close the window when the message "Successful query, 1 layer(s) has loaded." appears.

Now you have all rivers in the study area.

In the next section we're going to select the Rur river and export it to a new layer.