Tutorial: Spatial Analysis of Accessibility of Wells using Map Algebra

2. Preparation

2.2. Using the Processing Toolbox

The Processing Toolbox in QGIS provides a lot of tools for processing GIS data. Besides QGIS tools, it also has tools from GDAL, GRASS, and SAGA that are very useful.

1. First activate the Processing Toolbox by choosing Processing | Toolbox from the main menu.

processing toolbox menu

Now the Processing Toolbox panel shows up.

Next, we are going to change a default setting of QGIS. By default, the Processing Toolbox doesn’t use the file name of the output as a layer name, which can be confusing.

2. In the main menu choose Settings | Options | Processing.

3. Expand the General menu by clicking on the plus sign. Then check the box at Use filename as layer name.

use filename as layer name

4. Click OK to close the dialogue.