Tutorial: Spatial Analysis of Accessibility of Wells using Map Algebra

3. Condition 1: Wells within 150 Meters of Houses or Roads

3.1. Style a discrete raster layer

Let's first look at the houses. The houses are a class in the buildg layer. Rasters normally only store values, so we need to assign a proper legend to raster layers.

1. In the Layers panel click on the Open layer styling panel button to open the Layer styling panel.

2. Choose Paletted/Unique values as render type. Keep Random as Color ramp type and click Classify.

3. Use the screenshot below as a reference to add the labels to the class numbers by double-clicking on each label name. Double-click on the color to make it more intuitive as shown in the example.

buildg styling

Because buildg is a discrete raster we used the Paletted/Unique values render type. This renderer classifies each unique integer value found in the raster layer.