Tutorial: Create a groundwater level map from borehole data and a DEM

4. Select boreholes in a specific area

For this tutorial we're only interested in the boreholes in the area around Stampriet.

An imaginary boundary polygon is provided in the tutorial data.

1. Add the Stampriet_boundary shapefile to the project.

2. In the Layers panel click right on Stampriet_boundary and choose Zoom to layer.

3. Style the boundary with a red outline.

Stampriet boundary styled

Now we're going to clip the boreholes that fall within the boundary and save it to our GeoPackage.

4. From the main menu choose Vector | Clip...

5. In the Clip dialogue choose Stampriet_Data Boreholes as Input layer and Stampriet_boundary as Overlay layer. Save the Clipped result to the Stampriet_Data GeoPackage with the layer name boreholes_clipped.

6. Click Run. Click Close to close the dialogue after processing.

7. Remove the Stampriet_Data Boreholes layer from the Layers panel.

Selected boreholes Stampriet

In the next section we'll calculate the density of boreholes in this area.