Tutorial: Collect Open Data from online sources

2. Download Africa Groundwater Atlas Country Hydrogeology Maps

First we're going to download data on geology and hydrogeology for Malawi from the Africa Groundwater Atlas.

1. Go to the following website: https://www.bgs.ac.uk/africagroundwateratlas/downloadGIS.html

Here you can download ESRI Shapefiles with the hydrogeology (aquifer type and productivity) and geology (with particular relevance to hydrogeology) of 38 countries in Africa.

2. Click on Malawi.

3. Fill in the Download Form and click Submit Form.

4. After submitting the form you'll see a page where you can download the data directly.

You'll also receive an e-mail with the link.

5. Download and extract the zip file to your hard disk, e.g. Z:\.

Note that the files are zipped at the folder level. When you extract the file the folder Malawi will appear in the folder where you extract the file (e.g. Z:\Malawi). A good open source zip programme is 7-Zip.

In the next section we're going to open the data in QGIS.