Tutorial: Collect Open Data from online sources

6. Export WFS layer to vector format

The GeoNode layer fromt the previous section is still a WFS layer.

To use it locally it's recommended to export it to a GIS vector format. In this section we'll convert it to an ESRI Shapefile and change the projection from the Geographical Coordinate System (GCS, EPSG: 4326) to UTM Zone 36S / WGS-84 (EPSG: 32736).

1. Click right on the geonode:groundwater_monitoring_wells_Coordinates layer in the Layers panel and choose Export | Save Features As...

2. In the Save Vector Layer as... dialogue choose ESRI Shapefile as the output Format. Use the button to browse to the project folder and save the output layer as groundwater_monitoring_wells.shp.

3. Click the Select CRS button .

4. In the Coordinate Reference System Selector type 32736 at Filter and select the WGS 84 / UTM zone 36 S projection.

5. Click OK to return to the Save Vector Layer as... dialogue, which should look like the figure below.

6. Click OK to perform the layer export.

After processing the layer is added to the map canvas.

7. Remove the geonode:groundwater_monitoring_wells_Coordinates layer from the Layers panel.

The project should now look like the figure below.

Geonode layer exported

We'll add more data in the next section.