Tutorial: Collect Open Data from online sources

9. Save data and styling to a GeoPackage

All the shapefiles that we've created in this project are not very easy to share with other colleagues working in the project. The best practice is to keep the data in an SDI, but if internet connections or access to SDI's are issue and you need to use the project offline it is important to wrap all data, styling and project information in one GeoPackage that you can share.

1. From the main menu choose Processing | Toolbox to open the Processing Toolbox panel.

2. In the Processing Toolbox go to Database | Package layers.

3. In the Package layers dialogue click to select the layers to add to the GeoPackage.

4. Click Select All and OK.

5. Keep the box Save layer styles into GeoPackage selected. In that way you can load individual layers to another project and keep the layer styling. Save the Destination GeoPackage as Malawi_GIS_data.gpkg.

6. Click Run. Click Close after processing.

In the next section we're going to save the whole project in a GeoPackage so you can easily share everything with just one file.