Tutorial: Process groundwater data in QGIS

4. Define the study area

4.2. Export selected feature(s)

Now we have selected the aquifer of our study area we can export the feature to a new layer in our GeoPackage.

1. Click right on the aquifers layer in the Layers panel and choose Export | Save Selected Features As...

2. In the Save Vector Layer as... dialogue choose GeoPackage as Format. Choose our existing GeoPackage Malawi_GIS_data.gpkg as File name. Give it the Layer name Shire Valley Alluvial Aquifer. Check that the CRS is EPSG: 32736.

3. Click OK.

The Malawi_GIS_data Shire Valley Alluvial Aquifer layer is now added to the project.

Shire aquifer added as layer

In the next subsection we'll create a buffer around the aquifer boundary to extend the study area a bit to account for boundary effects.