Tutorial: Process groundwater data in QGIS

4. Define the study area

4.5. Intersect the country boundary with the buffered transboundary aquifer

To obtain the study area we need to need to retain the area of the Shire buffer 10km which falls within the Malawi country boundary.

We can do that by using an intersection.

1. In the main menu go to Vector | Geoprocessing Tools | Intersection.

2. In the Intersection dialogue choose the Shire buffer 10km layer as Input layer and the Malawi country boundary as Overlay layer. Keep the other settings as default and save the Intersection output to the Malawi_GIS_data.gpkg GeoPackage with the name Shire study area.

Intersection dialogue

3. Click Run. Click Close to close the dialogue after processing.

No we have derived the study area and we can clip the other layers to the boundaries of the study area. We'll do that in the next section.

Shire study area