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Contains terms and definitions used in the reference book, the project and the structure of the Ontology.

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Asset management

A comprehensive and structured approach to the long-term management of assets to serve the needs of urban communities.



Being honest, ethical, helpful and loyal.

Boundary condition

An external environment condition that is placed at the boundary of a system. In mathematical terms, boundary condition is a mathematical condition at the boundary of the solution space for a system of equations.

Boundary judgement

Definition of the boundaries of the process under consideration.



Allocation of values to parameters such that the physically based model best fits the observed field measurements.

Cascading impacts

The cascade of effects of an event from first order, direct impacts to second order, indirect impacts and to third order, systemic impacts.


Area of the land and the associated underground aquifer(s) draining to a specific point in a single watercourse.

Catchment area

Area draining to an inlet, sewer or watercourse.


Pertaining to interactive and interrelated evolutionary processes.


A change in time through interactions.

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