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Contains terms and definitions used in the reference book, the project and the structure of the Ontology.

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Allocation of values to parameters such that the physically based model best fits the observed field measurements.

Cascading impacts

The cascade of effects of an event from first order, direct impacts to second order, indirect impacts and to third order, systemic impacts.


Area of the land and the associated underground aquifer(s) draining to a specific point in a single watercourse.

Catchment area

Area draining to an inlet, sewer or watercourse.


Pertaining to interactive and interrelated evolutionary processes.


A change in time through interactions.

Coevolutionary evolution

A nonlinear evolutionary process of interactions between the ever changing social, technical and natural processes.

Collection system

System of conduits, generally underground pipes and associated structures, which receives and conveys sanitary waste water and/or storm water.

Combined system

Sewer system designed to carry both wastewater and surface water in the same pipeline(s).

Comparative Risk Assessment (CRA)

A systematic evaluation of the changes of risk which result from individual and collective activities (and interactions) of contributing factors.

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