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Contains terms and definitions used in the reference book, the project and the structure of the Ontology.

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A set of beliefs, ideas, values and assumptions underlying a particular way of thinking.

Peak discharge

The maximum flow rate at a point in time at a specific location resulting from a given storm condition.


Anything that can be perceived as an occurrence or fact by our senses.

Physically based

Where the physical processes are identified and included in a model separately through mathematical algorithms.


Assembly of pipes, fittings, masonry units and joints between manholes or other structures.


Dissolved or particulate material washed into and through sewers. Pollutants when discharged into receiving waters cause an adverse environmental impact.


Rainfall, snow hail or any other form of water falling from the sky to the earth’s surface.


Recognised sequence of tasks to achieve a specific objective


Device to increase the pressure or head of the fluid between one point in a network and another.

Pumping station

Building, structures and equipment used to transfer sewage through a rising main or otherwise to raise the sewage.