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Contains terms and definitions used in the reference book, the project and the structure of the Ontology.

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Rainfall intensity

Depth of rain falling in unit time


Precipitation that runs off from a catchment through the outfall .

Real time control

Manipulation of flows in a system through the operation of a moveable device according to certain rules and depending on measurements taken in the system.

Receiving water

Any body of water such as the sea, a river, stream or lake as well as an aquifer into which drain or sewer systems discharge.


All measures for restoring or upgrading the performance of existing drain and sewer systems.


Construction of a new sewer, on or off the line of an existing sewer, the basic function and capacity of the new sewer being similar to those of the old.


Rectification of local damage


Construction of a new drain or sewer, on or off the line of an existing drain or sewer, the function of the new drain or sewer incorporating that of the old.

Residual risk

A risk that remains after implementation of flood protection measures (e.g., risk associated with events which are greater than the design standard event).


The capacity to adjust (or adapt) to threats and to mitigate or avoid them.

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