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Exercise: Satellite Data Analysis

In this exercise, you will compute the irrigated land over the study area using the three Landsat data dated 24 May 2019, 27 July 2019 and 28 August 2019 representing the crop growing period.


How much irrigated area in was there in the study area in 2019? 


  • To find the extent of irrigated area using three Landsat data you have downloaded representing the growing season!
  • Compute univariate statistics of NDVI, Temperature (Band10) and Elevation over the different landcover types in the study area and present as a table
  • Compute area statistics in of different landcover types in the study area and present as a table
  • Prepare a map layout showing irrigated area with all the map essentials and indicating the new computed irrigated area in

P.S: Let’s consider Band 10 as a proxy to Surface temperature

Major Steps:

Step1: Pre-process Landsat data and compute NDVI for each date

Step2: NDVI and Temperature over the growing season (represented by three Landsat data)

Step 3: Compute surface area of different land cover types in

Step 4: Compute statistics to understand the range of NDVI and Temperature over each land cover type

Step 5: Compare average NDVI and Temperature (Histograms?) over the irrigated area to understand unique trends and thresholds

Step 6: Apply those thresholds to extract the irrigated areas.

P.S: Do not use any classification algorithm


Watch below videos to accomplish various steps in this exercise:

Preprocessing Landsat 8 data:

Compute NDVI and area statistics:

Aggregate and univariate statistics:


Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with slides (submit in pdf) showing the workflow, statistics, irrigated area map (proper layout) with  boundaries of scheme and study area, and reflection (bullet points) on the variation of landscape characteristics over three months. Upload your results to the new discussion channel (Spatial analysis - Exercise) in the communication forum by 12th June 2021.

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