Course 1 - Overview




This course consists of four units.

This course will first introduce you to UNESCO-IHE and to the teachers of this module. After that we will review the contents of the module. Finally we will introduce you to the world of Water and Water Quality, with some general information about “Water and Life” and “Sustainable Use of Water”.

Time Framework for the Course: Weeks 1-2

Aims of the Course:

  • To get introduced to the teachers and to UNESCO-IHE; and to introduce yourself to your fellow participants and to the teachers
  • To get a broad overview of the course contents
  • To understand how physical properties of water sustain aquatic life
  • To learn about use and abuse of water

Places to Go:

C1U1a Unit Plan: Meet the module coordinator and lecturers
C1U1b Unit Plan: Overview of the contents of the online module on Water Quality Assessment
C1U2 Unit Plan: Water and Life
C1U3 Unit Plan: Sustainable Use of Water

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