C1U1-a Unit Plan

Course 1: Introduction to the Online module on Water Quality Assessment

Unit 1a: Meet the module coordinator and lecturers

Expected Study Load : 0.5 hour


In this unit you can find some information about the course coordinator and lecturers as well as some information about UNESCO-IHE. Also you will present yourself to your fellow participants and to the teachers.

Learning Objectives:

  • To get to know the teachers and UNESCO-IHE
  • To get to know your fellow participants

Things to Do:

  • Download and read the lecture notes for this unit. Note that the lecture notes span the entire Course.
  • Watch the video presentation in the Lecture_Presentation section.
  • Download the book by Deborah Chapman (1996) in the Extra Materials section. We will make use of (parts of) this book throughout the whole course!
  • Present yourself by participating in the forum entitled "Assignment WQA1".

Places to Go:

Recommended reading sources on Internet

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