Course 2 - Overview

Course 2: Water Quality and Pollution


This course consists of 6 units. After having defined "Water quality" a bit more precisely, the biggest chunk of this course will be about the different groups of pollutants. For each group we will define the sources, the processes and impacts etc.

Time Framework for the Course:
week 3 - 5


The structure is relatively similar as the one of Chapter 1:
* Lecture notes (pdf) are available as additional material
* Units 1 - 4 have a powerpoint with audio
* We refer from time to time to certain parts in the book of Chapman.


Unit 1 - Introduction to Water Quality and Pollution
Unit 2 - Organic matter
Unit 3 - Nutrients
Unit 4 - Micropollutants
Unit 5 - Aquatic Ecosystems
Unit 6 - Water Quality Modelling (optional)

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