Course 4 - Overview

Module 4 : Data handling and presentation



This course consists of six units dealing with various aspects of data handling, statistics and presentation.

Time Framework for the Course: 3 weeks.


Overview of units:

  • Unit 4.1: This used to be the unit on Quality Assurance and Control; but it is now moved to Course 3. So we will start immediately with Unit 4.2.;
  • Unit 4.2: Statistical concepts;
  • Unit 4.3: Statistical applications. At the end of this Course you may work out a practical exercise “brushing up” your EXCEL skills. Also there will be a number of practical exercises on the topics we dealt with in this Unit 4.3;
  • Unit 4.4: Optimization programmes;
  • Unit 4.5: Data presentation;
  • Unit 4.6: (optional): Advanced statistical techniques.
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