Unit 1.2: Introduction Urban Drainage

Expected Study Load : 6 hours.

The idea of this sub-unit is to give a brief introduction to Urban Drainage. Topics covered in this section include: Objectives of urban drainage, the need to drain of stormwater and wastewater, hydrological process, natural versus urban water cycles, and stormwater drainage approaches. Effects of climate change and urbanization are also discussed in detail

Learning Objectives:

  • To introduce and describe basic concepts of Urban Drainage and Sewerage

Things to Do:

  • Watch the audio-lecture entitled "Introduction to urban drainage".
  • Watch the video-lecture entitled "Water Cycle Changes due to Urbanization".
  • Watch the video-lecture entitled "Effects of urbanisation and climate change on urban drainage".
The two video lectures will be uploaded to the ecampus system on 4th of September, 2012
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