Unit 2.1: Urban hydrology

Expected Study Load : 9 hours.


The idea of this sub-unit is to discuss processes in the hydrological cycle relevant to urban stormwater drainage, impacts of urbanization on the hydrological processes and various approaches to mitigate adverse hydrological impacts.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this lecture, the participants will be able to describe the following;
  • Hydrological processes relevant to urban storm drainage
  • Impacts of urbanization on hydrological processes and on surface runoff
  • Various methods to mitigate adverse hydrological impacts of urbanizations
  • The important aspects including structural and non-structural measures for flood and water quality control that need to be given attention in urban development planning
  • Basic concepts in catchment modelling

Things to Do:

  • Download and study the lecture note and PowerPoint presentation entitled “Urban Hydrology ".
  • Watch the video-lecture entitled "Urban hydrology".
  • Submit assignment #5.
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